Along with Madrid, Barcelona is one of the most popular destination in Spain; it is well considered as the jewel of the Mediterranean coast.

Barcelona is a well-known destination among travellers who wish to have a good mix of fun and culture in a modern setting.

Knitted in this unmistakable urban fabric you will admire some unusual and well-known buildings of a single architect named Antoni Gaudí. His unique approach to the Art Nouveau movement generated some of the most creative buildings you will see in this Spanish region known as Cataluña: Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and Casa Balto are some relevant examples.

Barcelona, along with San Sebastian and Madrid, is a gourmet hotspot for food and wine loving travellers with its array of Michelin starred restaurants, cosy wine bars, specialty olive oil and chocolate shops and some of the best food markets in Spain (there are over 40 markets in Barcelona, all run by the local municipality).