Basque gastronomy & art

San Sebastian and Bilbao are the principal cities in Spain’s beautiful Basque Country. Highlighted by the Guggeheim Musseum, the San Sebastian Old center, and the Green fresh forest, you won’t be indifferent to the charming on these north provinces.

Basque Country is home to the wine region of Rioja Alavesa, boasting such famous wineries as Marques de Riscal, to Txakoli, an interesting wine region, near the Atlantic ocean, know for zippy whites that pair perfectly with vinegary and garlicky tapas.

The cuisine of Spain is amazingly varied. The gastronomy varies by region dramatically. The north of Spain is a must for gourmet travellers. It is also a lush, mountainous and gorgeous region. The cuisine varies from hearty, delicious mountain dishes to exquisite seafood freshly caught in The Atlantic. This is really the heart of “Gourmet” Spain. In fact some towns, like San Sebastian and Bilbao, take their cuisine so seriously that they actually have “Gastronomic Brotherhoods”, where they organize “cook offs”. There are plenty of Michelin starred restaurants, like Arzak in San Sebastian, but there are also endless quaint local restaurants along the coast, serving phenomenal, fresh seafood.