Galicia and Santiago

And the Santiago Pilgrim's way

The culmination of the legendary pilgrim’s trail Camino de Santiago (Saint James’ Way), the magical medieval city of Santiago de Compostela has been one of the Christian world’s most important pilgrimage sites for centuries. With its piercing spires, elegant palaces, and romantic plazas, some say it carries the distinction of being the most beautiful city in Spain.

Even today, more than a millennia later, the Camino de Santiago, which begins in France and stretches across northern Spain, is one of the most beloved and most used pilgrimage trails in the world. It’s living a modern renaissance, with thousands of hikers and cyclists taking to it every year.

Just outside the city are the lush green forests of Galicia (this area is called “Green Spain” for a good reason!), creating the ideal place for rural getaways or walks.

Nowhere in Spain (or perhaps in all of Europe) will you find such delectable shellfish and seafood as in Galicia. As the region’s capital, Santiago de Compostela enjoys even better cuisine than other cities. From ocean-fresh prawns, shrimp, crab and lobsters to local specialties like Galician octopus (boiled and served with cayenne pepper and Olive Oil) there is a little something for everyone!