The capital is one of our favorite destinations in Spain, where you will find a perfect combination of culture, museums, luxury shopping, and a unique variety of gorgeous hotels. As the very center of Spain, both geographically and culturally, Madrid is short of nothing, whether you’re a sun seeker, a culture lover, or both. What Madrid lacks in beaches and coasts, it makes up for in art galleries, sweeping lush gardens, streets lined with Spain’s best tapas bars, and a city atmosphere that never dwindles no matter the time of day or season of the year.

The majestic Puerta de Alcala, the comprehensive Prado Museum, the ancient Plaza Mayor, and the posh Ortega y Gasset Street are only a few examples of the amazing variety that Madrid offers to guests.

Enjoy the gourmet experiences of Michelin Star restaurants, the warm aromas of typical Spanish cuisine, and a fine variety of international dining.

Across the Castellana Boulevard that splits the city in two, you’ll find the imposing and modern skyscrapers in Madrid’s economic neighborhood, as well as Real Madrid’s soccer stadium. The Castellana begins in Madrid’s city center at the City Hall Palace, where Real Madrid fans come to celebrate their victories around the bright Cibeles Fountain.