Sharing the Iberian Peninsula with Spain is the beautiful country of Portugal, a land of medieval castles, golden beaches, and a rich historical past. As one of the oldest nations in Europe, Portugal is dotted with cobblestoned villages and lush vineyards, all with thousands of years of history behind them.

The capital city of Lisbon boasts a vibrant Portuguese way of life, set on sprawling hills, close to beautiful sandy beaches and some of the best restaurants on the peninsula! With the magical town of Sintra close by, as well as the historical sites of Evora, Batalha, and Fatima, Lisbon is the perfect base to explore the region. Take advantage of a day trip to the Alentejo winery region, just east of Lisbon.

On the lower coasts of Portugal, the Algarve region plays home to magnificent caves and caverns along the shore, creating intricate natural landmarks that can be explored by sea! Dolphin watching is also popular in this area. Relax in a charming villa on the beach, soaking up the tranquil sounds of the Atlantic waves.

In the north, the charming city of Porto was once the main exporting city of Port wine, coming downriver from the Duoro River Valley region. Still an important port today, Porto is also known as one of the best surf sites in Europe. From there, it is easy to get lost in the Duoro Valley amongst the vineyards, hike along the high ridges overlooking the terraced land, and escape to a luxurious, unspoiled getaway, leaving the city and its worries behind. From its hilltop fortresses to the remount coastal towns, Portugal is a land bursting with hidden gems and secret treasures, just waiting to be explored.